dissertation notes

SO what made me look at Hip Hop / Rap?

Really it happened somewhat by chance but was long overdue. I spend my time wishing the world was a better place, specifically that humans were a lot less flawed than they are. I am always feeling that surely it all much be blindingly obvious: we had the Easter Islands (ecologically speaking) and in a micro way saw what happens to a society when we don’t do our logical calculations: we run out of vital resources to allow our survival. A bit like shooting oneself in the head really. So 30 years I ago I worked it out: treat others at least reasonably ok and the environment ditto and well all be ok. Easy I thought age 5. Actually it took some thinking back then. But nevertheless I thought: Great, I worked it out, that must mean everyone older than me already has. Surely they are more wise.. I also thought that my contemporaries would catch up any day ‘now’.. HAD I realized… I’d have started a movement when I found my first conspirators around age 7-8. I though it was all such common sense there’d be nothing to worry about. We just had to do a bit of labouring, thinking, and explaning to some strays and voila: World = ok.

NOT so easy! Now I am looking for the solutions! There ought to be some. And I sometimes sit like a great mathematician, hoping for the Muse to strike and give me that moment of knowing HOW…

‘How’ is unlikely to come. Americans are speeding the exact opposite of ok’s arrival. What is the master plan, I am beginning to half accept genocide if it is for the survival of all people in mind, at least there’d be some greater good considered. HOWEVER. NO Genocide is acceptable, even less so as one can not trust the greater number of people in power as their mental capacities appear somewhat regressed into fight mode and nothing but fight mode.

How else can it be that be fuck up the planet where we can?

Ah I am digressing: How did I come to look at Hip Hop, I who has never in her life made any Attempt to engage with it before?

I think if not the Muse then Common sense struck me. And I by chance came accross Janelle Monae and

Ice Cube: Gangsta Rap made me Do It

Outkast: Rosa Parks

Killer Mike Feat Ice Cube: Pressure (embredding disabled):

Paris: The Devil made me do it

Immortal Technique: The Poverty of Philosophy

Dead Prez: They School

one from way back when.

Public Enemy: Fight the Power


Realized that something I was looking at this evening for ages (thinking I was frittering time) is possibly entirely relevant! I was looking at this cool indie/pop/Hip Hop video and realized the woman was quite political in a few ways, spoken and unspoken (wasn’t half naked for a change, that’s these days a political statement! seriously.).. Anyhow started googling, and found a list of top political hip hop songs and ha! Am on to something. It’ll probably only constitute 100 words or something silly like that but HEY these might be the otherwise 100 missing words! Not bad and feel more open minded in the process. Quite sad how closed we can be to things we don’t give time to, and they turn out important. The top song of the top 11 list: I heard when I didn’t even speak English that well, but I got the message even back then, only I actually DIDN’t get the message. And THAT was a shame. Although, it was due to me thinking the world was a better place, so I thought why are these singers so angry… doh! (that was a Bart Simpson doh sound), now I get it.. Ok, I must sleep. Oh and the hungry cat is back.. B. x ❤

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