dissertation notes in clips and images


short talks and definitions:

C. G. Jung about the insanity of living without myth

C.G. Jung : Reinvesting in the Inner Life

The World Within: C.G. Jung In His Own Words Part 2 of 6

Erich Fromm Interview Excerpt 2
he also speaks about John Stuart Mill : http://www.constitution.org/jsm/women.htm

‘You can’t be a sweet cucumber in a Vinegar Barrel’ A Talk with Philip Zimardo

lovely magazine
“Social Europe” (Zygmunt Bauman writes for them regularly)

essay: Zizek on riots in Londone Review of Books


time for a brain-break: Bubblegum for children:
Spuki das Schloßgespenst

Now to some Butoh:

BUTOH: A SEETHING CAULDRON / Lesley Eleanora Boyce-Wilkinson

Butoh Bibliography

Perception in Butoh Dance / Toshiharu Kasai and Kate Parsons

Butoh / neuer Japanischer Ausdruckstanz

Butoh Film

Butoh Hintergrund

Towards The Bowels of the Earth
Butoh Writhing in Perspective

Ghosts of Premodernity

The Japanese Artistry of Butoh – Dance

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