dissertation notes: after the break

5 Rhythm Dance with Gabriella Roth

“The question what on earth are you actually writing your dissertation on?” would be particularly appropriate..

Is it Tarantism, 5 Rhythm Dancing, Sufi dance? Pina Bausch, Butoh, what’s with all that dance by the way? The physical, something to do with the physical. Oh yes I did do Physical Theatre, a fantastic experience I may add, learning about a body in space and how that body can be very high status or equally entirely infintissimally irrelevant.

Violence, nightmares, children’s stories that I call Fairy tales then Folk tales, the next minute I’m at Mythology and Myths and Greek Tragedy.

To be fair I am always interested in the traumatic, the inhuman, the power against weakness, the exhaustion of the body to limits of fragile clinging on, violence, the wronging of others, the chorus, the herd, the threat of the group, the unseen, the Other. The richer, the stronger, the male, the dominant.

I am still at loss how to make more formal all these strands that pop in and out of the picture. Human rights violations, enslavement, genocide, torture, abuse, violence, threat..


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