I fell off the edge of the world …

… and I am back again. Don’t ask me what it was like after I disappeared off the edge, I am here now. That’s what counts.

For those seeking: a more easy on the eye arrangement of Birgit Deubner’s Art portfolio is behind this link not currently on this page.


While I was away somebody hacked my youtube account (not the one of the video above). It had 88.000+ views and a laughable 25 subscribers. It’s what happens when you pick stupidly easy to guess passwords and forget to change them when you know fully well that this is leaving you very open to getting hacked and losing basically your identity. Good that I always lie about my age when I create accounts. I wonder if I did that in 2006 when I opened that account.. Hopefully.

I have a propensity for using double and triple dots. I know that they are grammatically incorrect and express doubtfulness and uncertainty. The way I use them I mean them to symbolise trailing thoughts. I’ll try and curtail my love for dots……

I am in the process of uploading my now ancient art archive to my second youtube channel, which thankfully I had the sense to give my actual name to. I also have a third and several more channels but they are of no interest right now.

Really I just dropped by to say: Hi, I am here, kind of back, but making no promises. And here is one of the archive videos, which isn’t as entertaining as pop culture youtube videos, so you are excused if your attention span can only endure 15 seconds, but if you would please let my entire playlist of videos run then that would be fabulous. I intend to profiteer from your view.

How: I am merely 3980 hours view hours & 988 subscribers short of being able to monetise my channel. Once I get the go ahead (probably never) I will earn a peanut for every 100 views, maybe a walnut for every 1000 views. Seriously though, all the small things help. If over time there could be a few currency values trickling into my life and mean a once yearly run to an art supply store or a bulk buy of baked beans then that would be great.

Go on, it doesn’t cost you anything. CLICK on that video and subscribe to my channel because it helps me and costs you all of about a few seconds. If you then also let my playlists run through once in a while then you would have done a philanthropic deed and nothing will change in your life, but I’ll one day buy myself a cup of tea with the proceeds…

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