Ignore advice & Be less sensible

I have sometimes been told that I am not making wise choices. When I went to spend a month in Cambodia followed by 3 months in India was such a time: “That’s not sensible. What about your career.?”

Q: What is sensible? In life, in love, in career?

In Cambodia I met Roger Ballen, one of the most inspiring (if perhaps disturbing to some) photographers out there.

In India I met many people I could only wish I would have an opportunity to speak with elsewhere more ‘sensible’ in the world. Principal dancer of an American-German Choreographer’s modern dance company that I admired and ended up writing both my undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation about (in part), just another example.

Or in Thailand where I met THE dancer of THE exact Butoh company who performed in the tiny local theatre back in Liverpool, UK, the city that was home for so long. I ran into THE one and only woman Butoh dancer, student of Kazuo Ohno, whom I was too shy to speak with after the Liverpool performance; and was by utter chance in a position to help her out in a northern town in Thailand, resulting in spending the entire day together, sharing dinner, exchanging creative process experience, including the painful and humbling kind, a true connection if I ever made one. I only realised whom I was speaking with at the very end of that day, at dinner!

Experiential evidence of : The good, no, the great things that can happen when we do totally not sensible things.

Is this the lesson I was meant to learn?:
“Do more of the not sensible things? Make more un-wise decisions, be less worried about great decisions because great things will happen when you make decisions that satisfy the soul, no matter how unsensible at the face of it.”

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