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Your website needs more than words

Headshots, branding photography, product photography and events (family and personal.)

To build trust you should show yourself, your team, your collaborators, your process. Many creators and designers hide behind a perfect product without ever showing themselves, so many SAS and B2B websites only show the product and service..

Customers want to see you. They want to identify with the real beings behind the screen. Build trust, show yourself.

I suggest that you update your photos annually or bi-annually. Show your working process, show the place where your work take place, Show your team.

Your 15 year old photo from the last time you liked looking in the mirror: It’s not you anymore. Many of us have aged out of youth’s perfection, that is no reason to hide. There is no shame in it.

Document yourself this year. Capture your personal memories and build your personal identity as well as your brand’s identity.

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Payment options:

Paypal: paypal.me/BirgitInAmerica
Venmo: @Birgit-Deubner 

I also accept payments through Wise, Revolut & N26

Accepted currencies:
$, £, € and Crypto: ETH (through Robinhood)

– For $, £, €, just change the currency symbol, don’t convert $ to £/€
– For Etherium, I accept the volatility of the currency. The day that you pay with Etherium is the day that counts.