Copywriter + Career Coaching

Personal Statements written for you

short: 250 characters (s)

• Personal Statement
• Artist Statement
• Entrepreneur Statement
• Startup Elevator Pitch
• and more

You will receive one short personal statement of 250 characters (+/- 10%).

From $150

What do you do?”

Your Answer to the Question: “What do you do?”. You receive 45 minutes coaching to uncover a succinct answer. Our session notes and one 250 character reply that you can use in every first meeting.

From $150

Project description (L)

150 to 250 words.
This service includes a 45 minute meeting to learn about you, your project or startup. You will receive 1 x project description of 250 (+/- 10%) words.

From $300

Resume Review

Review & re-writing service for job applicants.

From $250

Job Interview preparation & Project or Startup Presentation Coaching

12 sessions package offer, saves 10% over individual sessions purchase.

12 one-to-one meetings over 6 – 12 weeks from $950.
( or blocks of 3 meetings: $300 )

Payment options:

  • For international use Paypal:
  • Within the USA you can use: Venmo: @Birgit-Deubner 
  • I also accept payment via Wise, Revolut, N26
  • Accepted currencies: $, £, € and Crypto: Etherium (through Robinhood)
    – For $, £, €, just change the currency symbol, don’t convert $ to …
    – For Etherium, I accept the volatility of the currency. The day that you pay with Etherium is the day that counts. No surcharge, no discount.

    Need more options? Please use my contact tab and let me know your needs. This work in progress will get better with you letting me know.

Testimonials from repeat clients:

I recommend Brigitte from the bottom of my heart! She helped me perfectly prepare for the interview. It was incredibly interesting to discuss my work (Digital Marketing). In addition, she had the ability to coaching and where I was afraid she led me by the hand, reinforcing my self-confidence as a professional.

— Katsiaryna

Wow it’s really great!!! I think you really nailed it!!!

😀 🎉 😊 🥂

— Jason Stropko

I cant recommend Birgit highly enough. Birgit is not only a great teacher but also she helped me a lot with polishing my CV and cover letter to be more attractive for my job applications. Moreover Birgit has a lot of business and consulting experience. Her insights and tips helped me enormously with my preparation for interviews and to increase my self-confidence in my professional live.

— Pavel

I always for fun to talk with Birgit. She is smart and well-known for business area. Also she is careful for student like me. Thank you Birgit.

— Ryan Yi

Thank you very much. I should pay more for your time and help.

Birgit is teaching me not only English, but also business. She is helping me alot! Thank you Birgit. It is my luck to meet you.

I am so lucky person because I meet Birgit. She is my English and Business teacher. Today she consulted how can I improve both of my English and Business skill. Thanks!

— Jerry

Today’s lesson was the most exciting I have ever taken. This was the most important tip for me. I appreciate your extensive help.

— Kayoko