Bilingual with more talents than time. My name is Birgit and I thrive doing project based work that embrace process as a path to perfection. I am respectful of your time, communicate to identify how I can best serve your project needs and empathise with your business challenges and goals. I don’t thrive in prolonged high stress environments but am excited about; and competent at; short sprints.

I only accept deadlines I intend to keep and I try to communicate my parameters clearly. I like to send project updates to reassure you that I haven’t hit snooze.
Please be respectful of my time and try to provide all your known project outlines in ONE email so that your needs and requirements are easy to track. This will speed up the process of working together. I particularly enjoy using Google Docs for projects that require a lot of back and forth, that way everything is in ONE open document to be viewed and annotated. It offers a clearer workflow for me and you.

2022 September 23rd.
Today I am Resurrecting my Archived Art Website. Welcome to my home. There will be some refurbishments taking place over the coming days but the basic service tabs are up as are the content writing drafts. Payment options are linked on each relevant page. We are, I am, open for business.

More Talents Than Time

Copywriter for statements
Career Development Coaching, Resume reviews, job application and interview coaching, e-commerce shop proofreading and keyword research
Specialising in supporting clients whose first language is not English but who are targeting the English speaking market. I offer a mix between Business English language lesson to improve fluency and confidence and content review, editing, rewriting, creating services.
Digital Marketing Strategy
keyword research

Artist Birgit Deubner

Photography services.

Evidently this requires editing.
This is how everything begins.
You can choose to share the process or choose to wait until you think you have achieved perfect.
I choose process based work and go public sooner than many others might.
I do this so you can see what it takes to lay out a draft skeleton and edit it into form.

To contact me please look for the contact tab.

Update February 2020, wow, I really did leave this website dormant for a long time! I am not sure what to do with it now but I noticed that my name Birgit Deubner, disappeared from the internet and I didn’t enjoy that. Maybe it is time to do something about it.

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