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… yesterday I read a photographer’s interview in which he pointed out that only 20% of his time is spent taking photographs, the rest on administration and research… Well. it is much the same with making art work. At the moment I am in one of those uncomfortable transition periods where projects are coming along, but where there is no sign of their realization yet. So at the moment satisfaction levels are very low, but inspiration is beginning to ferment, a little more sugar and ideas should rise ready to become solid and tangible..

One problem is that I have produced so little in the past 6 months that now the internal need to leap and explode into action has grown disproportionate to time, finances and energy available.

I will make one more list and throw the coals into the fires and get some of these projects going. The urgency is only increasing daily.

The hunger for making art.
Relationships should nourish one’s energy resources not deplete them, should they not.
Well I am in the final throes of making my way back up from the depths of life’s muddles, this week sees 2 more deadlines for projects that I really want to be involved in and then I can begin to make direct plans for the “A Dungbeetle and Sisyphus”. And get my camera out for “Idioms” and advertise for Artist Assistants for May, and plan my performance for Cologne.

Come back in a while, I will edit this entry and it will be more eloquent.

In the meantime I recommend that you take a look at:
That will give you inspiration and things to think about.

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