A day for 30s…. the day I earnt £30 and got a parking ticket to pay £30

… now that was today.

What do I gain from the experience? A pat on the shoulder for having tried my best.

That doesn’t quite seem satisfying.

A brief meeting with film-maker gained me a confirmation that he is up for filming for nothing much more than the covering of the actual expenses of doing so. Oh thank all heavens for that.

Now I am short of one assistant and then the camera can roll…

I think we will schedule the weekend for mid-late May or mid-June, alternatively.

All my applications came back rejected. I am an artistic reject. Let’s see if I can’t turn that round by 180 degrees in the next 12 months. Can I become the equivalent of hot-cake instead?
My other collaborator said this: Turn towards the light…
And so I shall. As spiritual as that sounds. But what is wrong with spirit?

Now I have 30 days to make the structures for exhibition in St Luke’s and perhaps I can find a follow on exhibition for them, too.

The 7 Giants will stand tall and proud, strong a watchful in the ruin of St Lukes which was severely damaged in WW2. The church remains a memorial to lives lost, fates suffered. Not that its presence often stops anybody in their tracks anymore to contemplate the past and it’s lingering echos into this presence..
But there it stands nevertheless, a memorial.

In it I will place 7 bird hides / forester’s hides, standing tall on elongated legs. watchful. Whether they are friend or foe remains open. 7 giants on tall legs viewing over the space. 7 because that is the great number of fables, tales and belief.7 to indicate the quality of my thoughts and search for expression.

My project is not a statement, not a conclusion or answer but a search for truth, abstract notions of truth of who we are, us, these humans. My art work really is better described as a journey not a conclusion. To ask what my work is about is to ask “What has moved you in the past year, 10 years or in fact since you became aware of anything moving you at all.” And just how does one give an answer, a concrete solid answer with brevity..? It’s always that is in the art work, it’s not the isolated moment that is in it. A life philosophy becoming visual, tangible, solid. A sharing of intimate concerns and searches, that is what the art is. Of course I have no expectation that it is that to you, to the audience. But I hope it shows. A section of the inside of my thoughts, on exhibition in St Luke’s. From the 30th of May for 2 weeks only..

My spelling makes me laugh: a wether is a castrated ram… (wether = ram; whether ..)

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