The “Dungbeetle and Sisyphus” project is still in the making, well,
there has been very little making so far, more a slow fermentation.
Hopefully I will make my human-sized dungball this week, it will be a
large bale of hay covered in manure. Lovely. I may have found the way
to deter any further options of having a personal life.
Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to go straight for the filming in
the location that I really would like to use, that will need to be better prepared,
i.e. I will need suitable transport that can move my huge ball of…
well, I don’t need to spell it out I am sure…

So I am planning to make my prop on Thursday in a hopefully ‘co-operative’
horse stables and document that part to begin with (the making).
Perhaps I will be able to roll it around a bit in the adjacent country/town scape = test..
It’s my birthdays on Wednesday, I think it’s quite fun to start the new year with dungball rolling..

Then what?
Better admin skills are needed; i.e. more disciplin! & I am considering to adopt an alias.
Speaking with Greg from The Art Organization (TAO) in Liverpool I was reminded that a
friend and I, years ago, started to construct our aliases.
An alias could be useful, when I have ideas that I just have to make or else they will clog
my pores; but which I don’t want to take responsibility for at this time… I am tempted.

Art in Liverpool:
I am quite impressed at the moment. There is a nice dynamic around and I am seeing
quite a lot of what seems like inter-group-team-playing.. Perhaps we’ve cracked it…
I think there is a real chance that quite a significant number of artists have decided to
get into that boat and row together for faster progress…
Although I do know of at least 8 people who will leave as soon as the
Capital of Culture Year is over.. Perhaps some Art Vultures..? Is that term even fair?
I will think about it and report back.

So, I have been invited by the Royal Standard to take up residence and am delighted.
I like the feel that hovers around the group, there is a distinct air of promise around
them. Oh and now I am part of it.
My first venture into group activity in a long time. Not before in my art practice,
not voluntarily. I just wasn’t quite ripe before now.
But right now it seems like the perfect choice.
I am open to all currents.

Conclusion: Positive.

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